I’ve got stuff splashed around cyberspace and social media, ’cause I’m messy like that. Go take a look, hit me up and follow if you fancy.

Firstly, you can find old stuff on my old website: Enter… James Clayton. It’s a repository of links, blogposts and ancient bits of fiction.

Alrighty, social media…

  • Instagram@jamazingclayton . I put up all my doodles (and only doodles) on Instagram and use Instagram Stories for fun stuff and slice-of-life moments.
  • FacebookJamazing Things . You can also find my doodles posted on a Facebook page if you’re into that kind of thing.
  • Twitter@jamazingclayton . I have nothing nice to say about Twitter and don’t really use it anymore but, hey, it’s still there.

… and a few other things that might be of interest…

  • Atlas Obscura . I like contributing stuff to Atlas Obscura, the World’s definitive guide to weird, wonderful and remarkably curious places.
  • Meanwhile, in an alternate reality… . I used to run a blog which broadcast news and current affairs from parallel dimensions and alternate universes and it was the best thing ever and my most favourite personal project. It’s definitely worth a look and a browse over if you want to consider weird and wonderful alternate realities and maybe have your mind blown a little bit.
  • Den of Geek columns . I used to write regularly about films for the very excellent Den of Geek website.