James Clayton (a.k.a. Jamazing Things, Princess Apocalypse Sweetheart, Sticky Jams) is a real human being and a real hero. He is an artist, a writer and a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, amongst other things.

He also graduated as a Master of the Arts in Constructions of the Sacred, the Holy and the Supernatural. Ask him what this means. He’d be so, so chuffed to tell you.

He comes from Manchester in the North-West of England and is part-Italian by osmosis.

This here is his website (it’s, like, the reboot of this old website). Here you’ll find myriad creative bits ‘n’ pieces; some blogging, some fiction (flash fiction, trash fiction, thrash fiction), fake news, outsider views, travelogues, melodramatic gushy geekouts, philosophical musing and more.

Thanks for stopping by and have fun while you’re here (both while you’re on this website and while you’re still alive on Earth)…


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